Seong Hyeon Park

Seong Hyeon Park

Ph.D. Student



I focus on multi-modal representation learning. Most of my recent works are related to few-/zero-shot adaptation of vision-language models for novel tasks and data, including image segmentation and video recognition. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student member of Algorithmic Intelligence Laboratory @ the KAIST AI, advised by Dr. Jinwoo Shin. Previously, I graduated from Hanyang University with M.S. and B.S degrees under Dr. Jun-Won Choi, where I studied machine learning models for motion forecasting and autonomous driving.

  • Deep Learning
  • Multimodal Representation
  • Predictive Uncertainty
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2020

    Hanyang University

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2018

    Hanyang University

Recent Publications

(2023). IFSeg: Image-free Semantic Segmentation via Vision-Language Model. In CVPR 2023.

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(2022). K-centered Patch Sampling for Efficient Video Recognition. In ECCV 2022.

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(2021). LaPred: Lane-Aware Prediction of Multi-Modal Future Trajectories of Dynamic Agents. In CVPR 2021.

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(2020). Diverse and Admissible Trajectory Forecasting through Multimodal Context Understanding. In ECCV 2020.

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(2018). Sequence-to-Sequence Prediction of Vehicle Trajectory via LSTM Encoder-Decoder Architecture. In IEEE IV'18.

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